Word 2013:


Topic-Level Outline

                         Days:  1

          Prerequisites:  Prerequisite or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1 :  Getting started

                               Topic A: 0  The Word window

                               A-1:                               Starting Word and exploring the program window

                               Topic B: 0  New documents

                               B-1:                               Working with templates

                               B-2:                               Entering text and displaying nonprinting characters

                               B-3:                               Saving a document

                               B-4:                               Recovering a document draft

                               Topic C: 0  Document navigation

                         C-1:                         Changing document views

                         C-2:                         Using scrollbars and Zoom options

                         C-3:                         Moving in a document

                         C-4:                         Selecting text

                         Unit 2 :  Editing text

                               Topic A: 0  Working with text

                               A-1:                               Inserting and deleting text

                               A-2:                               Inserting the date and time

                               A-3:                               Inserting a symbol

                               A-4:                               Inserting hyperlinks

                               Topic B: 0  The Undo and Redo commands

                               B-1:                               Using the Undo and Redo commands

                               Topic C: 0  Cut, copy, and paste

                               C-1:                               Cutting text and using Paste Options

                               C-2:                               Copying and pasting text

                               Topic D: 0  Find and replace

                         D-1:                         Using the Navigation pane to search for text

                         D-2:                         Finding items

                         D-3:                         Replacing text

                         Unit 3 :  Formatting text

                               Topic A: 0  Character formatting

                               A-1:                               Applying character formatting

                               A-2:                               Using the Font dialog box

                               A-3:                               Using the Format Painter

                               Topic B: 0  Tab settings

                               B-1:                               Examining tab stops

                               B-2:                               Setting custom tab stops

                               B-3:                               Setting a tab and leader in the Tabs dialog box

                               Topic C: 0  Paragraph formatting

                               C-1:                               Changing paragraph alignment

                               C-2:                               Applying borders and shading

                               C-3:                               Adding bulleted and numbered lists

                               C-4:                               Editing bulleted and numbered lists

                               Topic D: 0  Paragraph spacing and indents

                         D-1:                         Setting indents

                         D-2:                         Setting the spacing after a paragraph

                         D-3:                         Setting line spacing for a paragraph

                         Unit 4 :  Tables

                               Topic A: 0  Creating tables

                               A-1:                               Creating a table

                               A-2:                               Converting text to a table

                               A-3:                               Drawing a table

                               Topic B: 0  Working with table content

                               B-1:                               Selecting table elements

                               B-2:                               Entering text in a table

                               B-3:                               Formatting text in a table

                               Topic C: 0  Changing the table structure

                               C-1:                               Adding and deleting rows and columns

                               C-2:                               Moving rows and columns

                               C-3:                               Resizing rows and columns

                               C-4:                               Aligning a table

                               C-5:                               Merging and splitting table cells

                               Topic D: 0  Table design options

                               D-1:                               Changing table borders

                               D-2:                               Shading table cells

                               D-3:                               Applying table styles

                               D-4:                               Modifying a table style

                               Topic E: 0  Table data

                         E-1:                         Sorting table data

                         E-2:                         Repeating the header row

                         E-3:                         Entering a formula in a table

                         Unit 5 :  Page layout

                               Topic A: 0  Headers and footers

                               A-1:                               Creating a header and footer

                               A-2:                               Editing headers and footers

                               Topic B: 0  Page setup

                         B-1:                         Adjusting margins in Print Layout view

                         B-2:                         Changing margins and page orientation

                         B-3:                         Applying text flow options

                         B-4:                         Adding and deleting page breaks

                         Unit 6 :  Graphics

                               Topic A: 0  Adding graphics and clip art

                               A-1:                               Inserting a graphic

                               A-2:                               Inserting online pictures

                               Topic B: 0  Working with graphics

                         B-1:                         Resizing and cropping a graphic

                         B-2:                         Arranging a graphic

                         B-3:                         Adjusting a graphic

                         B-4:                         Applying picture styles

                         Unit 7 :  Styles and outlines

                               Topic A: 0  Examining formatting

                               A-1:                               Using the Reveal Formatting task pane

                               Topic B: 0  Working with styles

                               B-1:                               Applying a style

                               B-2:                               Creating styles

                               B-3:                               Modifying styles

                               B-4:                               Creating a character style

                               Topic C: 0  Working with outlines

                         C-1:                         Specifying outline levels

                         C-2:                         Organizing an outline

                         Unit 8 :  Proofing, printing, and exporting

                               Topic A: 0  Spelling and grammar

                               A-1:                               Setting proofing options

                               A-2:                               Checking spelling and grammar

                               A-3:                               Using the thesaurus

                               Topic B: 0  AutoCorrect

                               B-1:                               Examining AutoCorrect

                               B-2:                               Adding an entry to your AutoCorrect list

                               Topic C: 0  Printing and exporting documents

  C-1:  Specifying print settings

  C-2:  Saving a file as a static document

  C-3:  Converting a PDF file to a Word document