Software plays a vital role in your company’s daily operations. Are your employees utilizing the software to its full potential? Are they wasting valuable time, constantly searching through menus for what they need or plodding through tasks that could be completed in half the time?

We specialize in making software easy to learn and understand!

Let us help you improve your efficiency and productivity by training you how to make your software work for you!


Software training is crucial for new hires and newly- promoted staff. Novice workers spend weeks and months picking up the skills they need along the way, where as with minimal time invested in training they could be producing quality work at greater speed and at intermediate to advanced levels.

Current Employees

Advanced training for current employees will put your business on the cutting edge, giving you a leg up in the marketplace. SMS-trained employees work faster and smarter, and increased efficiency leads to increased productivity.  Isn't that what every employer needs?

Superior Instruction

SMS hands-on training is delivered by certified professionals with real-world experience. Our instructors specialize in making computer software easy to learn and understand.  We provide you and your employees with customized training to suit your needs at any level, from beginner to advanced. Bring your group to our state-of-the-art facilities located in Columbus, Georgia, or we can come to you!

Software Made Simple provides:

ü  Hands-on Training

ü  Training Manuals and Reference Materials

ü  Certified Instructors with real-world experience

ü  State-of-the-art training facilities

ü  A portable computer lab to bring the training to you


Training Offered

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